Fishing in Key West

Fishing Key WestCaptain Moe and his hard-working crew are ready to give you a fishing trip of a lifetime. The Key West waters are perfect for first time or experienced anglers. The weather is warm, the water is blue, and the crew is ready! While you’re sailing, our fun-loving staff will entertain you and your party with tales of humongous fish and the ocean herself. When it comes to fishing in Key West, the fish are always biting and ready for a fun time, just like the patrons we bring aboard each day!

Shark Fishing

If you love watching sharks on TV, get ready to come face to face with the real deal. Shark fishing has become a specialty of Captain Moe’s Lucky Fleet. We have helped countless clients – both experienced and amateur – catch the shark of their dreams. By setting you up with the proper reels and the right techniques to catch a shark of your very own, our staff will ensure you’re prepared and having the time of your life. Imagine telling your friends at home that you landed a shark!

Deep Sea Fishing

Key West is home to a wide variety of deep sea species. The most common deep sea fish is the lantern fish – a slim-bodied fish with silver scales. Furthermore, the lantern fish has various significant features, including a large head, lateral eyes, and a big mouth.

Deep sea fishing takes past experience, which is why you should trust in a well-trained crew and well-equipped charter. In fact, Captain Moe’s Lucky Fleet is just the charter for the job!

Contact Us for Fishing in Key West!

For more information on fishing in Key West, contact Captain Moe’s Lucky Fleet by calling 305-304-8065. In fact, we would be happy to answer any questions or concerns you may have regarding fishing in the deep sea!