Marlin Fishing

Many anglers consider marlin fishing to be the holy grail of offshore sport fishing because of the size, power and elusive nature of the fish. At Captain Moe’s Lucky Fleet, we specialize in battling these fish and have outfitted our boats for the best charter fishing experience Key West can provide.

Marlin Fishing Key West

Marlin Fishing

Marlin Fishing in Key West

There is a long history of charter fishing in Key West, there are records as back to the late 1800’s mention sloops or schooners for hire, specifically for fishing trips.  The Florida Keys are home to more saltwater fishing records than many destinations around the globe. Presidents, celebrities and some of the world’s greatest anglers have come to Key West to try and find the elusive Marlin. It is known throughout the fishing community that Key West is a good spot for marlin fishing. Typically, you’ll see two main species in Key West:

Blue Marlin

These strikingly blue beauties are some of the largest fish in the world. Female Blue Marlins are significantly larger than their male counterparts and can reach up to 14 feet in length and can weigh more than 1,900 lbs. However, the average size tends to range around 11 feet and 200 to 400 lbs. The Blue Marlin is cobalt blue on top and silvery white beneath, with a pronounced dorsal fin and a long, spear-like snout. These blue-water fish, spend most of their lives far out at sea. They are highly migratory and will travel hundreds if not thousands of miles throughout the year. The best time to find a  Blue Marlin is from April to July.

Fun Fact about Blue Marlin

It was the blue marlin that author Ernest Hemingway featured in his classic novella The Old Man and the Sea. The fisherman in this story battles a blue marlin, which was inspired by Hemingway’s own marlin fishing adventures while he was a resident of Key West, FL.

White Marlin

This is the smallest of the marlin species, with a maximum of about 9 feet in length and about 220 lbs in weight. These fish are not completely white, as the name might suggest since their tops are blue. White Marlins are not sought after for their size as much as their ability to leap and battle with the best of them. The ideal time for White Marlin fishing ranges from June to August.

White Marlin Fishing Key West, FL

White Marlins can be caught trolling at or close to the water. Whether blue marlin or white marlin fishing Key West is equipped with the best boats for fishers to handle and battle these sea creatures, and we make sure of it! Our fleet includes three boats for anglers to choose from, including The Lucky Charm.

The Lucky Charm is a 42-foot custom Stapleton Sportfish perfect for trolling the blue water for marlins. Read more about our fleet and find the best boat for your fishing trip here!

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