Deep Sea Fishing

Deep in the darkness, below the sunlit surfaces of the water, is home to the deep sea fish. If you are looking for deep sea fishing Key West and Captain Moe’s Lucky Fleet can hook you up. Some of the strangest and most elusive creatures on Earth can be found in the deep sea, and we will help you reel them in!

Deep Sea Fishing Key WestDeep Sea Fishing

Facts About Deep Sea Fish

By far, the most common deep sea fish is the lanternfish. Lanternfish have slim bodies that are wrapped in silvery scales. Despite their slender bodies, these fish have many large features, such as their large heads, lateral eyes, mouths and jaws. They also have rows of small teeth, and small fins. As approximately 65% of all deep sea fish, lanternfish play an important role as prey to larger species, and they are certainly not alone in the deep sea! The list of deep sea fish includes:

  • Flashlight fish, who emit light beneath their eyes
  • Cookiecutter sharks, named after their habit of gouging round plugs out of larger animals
  • Bristlemouths, named after their odd, bristle-like teeth
  • Anglerfish, who use a fleshy growth out of their heads as a lure
  • Viperfish, with their long and needle-like teeth and hinged lower jaws
  • Snowy Grouper Fish
  • Golden Tile Fish
  • Rose Fish
  • Barrel Fish
  • And more!

About 2% of marine life is in the pelagic environment, or open sea. 90% of the sea is in darkness. If you want an adventure in the deepest layer of the sea, call Captain Moe’s Lucky Fleet today! The world only knows of one-third of the estimated fish out there, and you can have the chance to catch large fish that are not easily found in shallow water!

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Deep sea fishing takes experience, which is why you should trust your deep sea adventure with a well trained crew and a well equipped fishing charter. You can click here to learn more about our fleet, or contact us online about any deep sea fishing questions you have.

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