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Deep sea fishing, also known as offshore fishing, is one of Captain Moe’s specialties! For offshore fishing Key West is home to a variety of fish only found in the darkest parts of the sea. Mankind is only aware of one-third of the marine species out in the great sea, so are you ready to come face to face with some of the strangest and most elusive fish out there?

Offshore Fishing Key WestOffshore Fishing

Hook, Line and Sinker | Offshore Fishing Fun Facts

Any fishing done at or near 100 feet deep from a boat not easily spotted from the shore is considered offshore, or deep sea, fishing. This is where a lot of the big game fishing is done.

More than 50% of deep sea fish are capable of producing light biologically, with only 1% of the organism’s energy. Even though they are equipped to handle the darkest of waters, deep sea fish are vulnerable to extinction. They live in rarely disturbed environments (when no one is fishing there!) and are slow growing, late maturing and have a low reproductive capacity.

Even though these deep sea fishes sound helpless and weak, don’t be fooled! The deep sea is where big game fish like sharks, tuna, marlin and swordfish can be found. The struggle to reel one of these on our charter boats is real, and you will have an adventure to beat!

When out on the deep sea, watching a school of smaller fish, waiting to see the larger fish appear to catch their prey, the game is on!

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