All Aboard the Lucky Charm!

All Aboard the Lucky Charm!

Recently, my family and I took a trip down to Key West for the week. While we were there, we enjoyed gorgeous weather (surprisingly little rain!), sightseeing, lounging on the beach and swimming in our condo’s pool. However, there was one truly unique experience we got to try that I had never done myself. Towards the beginning of the week, we booked a charter boat fishing trip with Captain Moe and his Lucky Fleet. Our deep-sea fishing expedition was the true highlight of our trip to Key West.

Meeting the Crew

A photo of the Lucky Charm, one of the fishing boats part of Captain Moe's Lucky Fleet.It was an early morning for my family, but we arose at the crack of dawn to prepare for our day trip out to sea. When we got to the docks, we met with Captain Moe, alongside the crew that would be taking us out on our excursion. Captain Craig oversaw our trip, and his First Mate, Kalvin, would be assisting us on deck.

As we stepped onto the Lucky Charm (the name of the ship), we got a tour of the vessel and were asked what we wanted to catch that day. We weren’t the most familiar with what would be best to catch, so we let Captain Craig and First Mate Kalvin decide. Mahi Mahi it was, and we began to sail out to sea.

The Trip Out

Photo of the water taken aboard Captain Moe's Lucky Fleet.The trip took about an hour to take us to the best fishing spots. However, that wasn’t a problem at all, as we got to enjoy the fresh saltwater air and the sun rising on an endless horizon. We chatted with the crew, and at various points, Kalvin pointed out landmarks when we got further out to sea. It can be a bit intimidating at first, being out on the open water and with no land in sight. However, once you got used to the feeling, it was a beautiful view to behold.


Gone Fishing

Group of men and one woman with the fish they caught aboard Captain Moe's Lucky Fleet.We were nearly 25 miles out from land when we reached the best spot for Mahi Mahi. Captain Craig slowed the boat down, and Kalvin cast out four separate lines to catch the fish. At this point, it was time to play the waiting game. Each one of my family took turns at a pole while Kalvin helped keep everything baited and untangled.

As we lured the fish to our boat, our family and the crew had light conversation about anything and everything. Eventually, the Mahi Mahi began to bite, and we jumped on the lines. While I’ve pulled in plenty of freshwater fish in my lifetime, there’s nothing quite like reeling in large saltwater fish alongside the side of a large charter boat.

End of the Day

Happy fishers eating the fish they caught after a day aboard Captain Moe's Lucky Fleet.Once we were well and worn out, Captain Craig set course for home. We took the time getting back to shore to relax and reflect on our day’s catches. After some final chitchat with Craig and Kalvin, we made our way into the bay and back on dry land. Once on solid ground, we took a picture with our haul, and Kalvin cleaned the fish and gave us the fillets to use for our next meal. We then said thank you and goodbye to the crew and made our way to the eatery they suggested to us, Dante’s.

That night, our family feasted on blackened, fried and grilled Mahi Mahi, with plenty left over for the next few days. It’s one thing to order food at a restaurant, but another entirely unique experience to have a restaurant cook up the food you bring them. The meal capped off the end to a great day out at sea.

All and all, I’d like to give another big thank you to Captain Craig, First Mate Kalvin and the entirety of Captain Moe’s crew for bringing us out on the water. My family and I had an incredible time deep-sea fishing and are excited for the next time we can return! I hope to give backcountry fishing a shot next time we are out with Captain Moe’s Lucky Fleet.

If this “fishing tale” interests you at all, and you want to give charter boat fishing a shot, give Captain Moe’s Lucky Fleet a call. You can contact Captain Moe’s crew at 305-304-8065. Also, they are located at 201 Margaret St, Key West, FL 33040.