Curse of the Bermuda Triangle

Curse of the Bermuda Triangle

The month of February has been an exciting one for Captain Moe and his crew. And this time, we’re not talking about fishing! At the beginning of the month, we were finally able to unveil the first episode of our new show on the Science Channel: Curse of the Bermuda Triangle. Moe and some of his closest friends had been working on this show for the past year. And if you know anything about Captain Moe, you’ll know his fascination behind the strange occurrences of the Bermuda Triangle.


What It’s All About

As Captain Moe sets out to investigate the mysteries surrounding the Bermuda Triangle, he is joined by his expert crew and longtime friends:

  • Mike Still, Moe’s first mate engineer, who’s logged thousands of hours in the Triangle.
  • Chuck Meier, a former Navy diver, sheriff’s deputy and military contractor.
  • And Dave Cziko, expert rescue diver and former Army Cavalry Scout.

Each new episode addresses a different mysterious event at the center of the Bermuda Triangle. From squadrons of planes going missing to the sightings of “unidentifiable” crafts, Captain Moe and his crew complete thorough investigations and come up with theories that may explain these strange phenomena.

On February 9th, the first episode of Curse of the Bermuda Triangle aired. In this premiere, Captain Moe and crew investigate the mysterious vanishing of Flight 19. Five US Navy planes, on a routine training run, take off from Ft. Lauderdale, FL, but never return. There’s plenty of speculation around what happened to Flight 19. Some theories are based on science, while others suspect the supernatural. Moe, Mike, Chuck, and Dave take to the waters of the Triangle to learn more about what may have happened. Join the crew as they set out to discover the final resting place of the pilots of Flight 19. See this episode now by clicking here.

Two more episodes of Curse of the Bermuda Triangle have aired, to date: Episode 2 – Aliens in The Triangle and Episode 3 – US Navy Vs. The Triangle. You can catch up with the show and watch a new episode every Sunday at 10 pm ET/PT on the Science Channel. And be sure to keep an eye on this blog. We’ll offer future updates on episodes and some “behind the scenes” looks.

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