January 2020 Fishing Report

January 2020 Fishing Report

Fishing reel under fishing lures that spell out 2020As the sun rises on not only a new year but a new DECADE, we here at Captain Moe’s Lucky Fleet keep sailing on! And while we’re looking forward to what the new year will bring us, we’re especially excited about the fish we’ll be catching this month. However, just because cold fronts are passing through doesn’t mean we slow down here in Key West. We get out on the water every day with you to help you pull in that next greatest catch!

Make Room for Flats Fishing

With the change in water temperature, you can expect to see the flats less crowded than other times of the year. However, that doesn’t mean there isn’t good fishing still to be had. With the movement of cold fronts, so too moves in large Barracuda. You can expect to reel in these beasts off the edges of the flats. Additionally, the changing temperatures will begin to push and pull Permit, Bonefish and Wahoo, so be on the lookout for these fish to catch.

Red Snapper off the coast of Key West FLCalmer Waters Near the Reef

As this time of year can sometimes contribute to rougher waters, it’s comforting to know there are still fishing spots where the sea stays relatively calm. As such, your reefs and wrecks will offer an easier time if wishing to avoid getting tossed around. Amberjacks are still biting this month (but not for much longer). Additionally, you can spot members of the Snapper family, pulling in Red Tails and Yellow Tails alike. Sharks are also an option to catch, as they do their own fishing around these areas during this month.

Out Deep

If the conditions are right and you’re willing to make the trip, deep-sea fishing in January has plenty of fun options for both the novice and experienced fishers. Trolling through the water with bucktail jigs or live bait is sure to attract Blackfin Tuna, Sailfish and others. More importantly, January is an excellent time to fish for Kingfish. These fish are found in high numbers between the deeper waters and reefs.

Best Fishing Charters Key WestTrip to the Backcountry

If looking for more action on your fishing trip, you’re sure to get it in the backcountry. Expect to pull in plenty of Yellow Jacks, Cobia, Redfish, Sea Trout and others. You’ll even be able to nab some Snook and Tarpon if you know what to look for. However, with fish like Tarpon, we like to give them time to recoup before we get into their season in the upcoming months.

Start Your Year Off Right

Make this your best year yet by opting to fish off the coast of Key West with Captain Moe and his Lucky Fleet. Made up of local sailors and fishing experts, you’re sure to get the best experience possible when you sail with Moe’s crew. Captain Moe is one of the most experienced fishers around, having sailed the oceans of the world, and fishing in them too! To book your next expedition with Captain Moe’s Lucky Fleet, give us a call today at 305-304-8065. Also, we are located at 201 Margaret St, Key West, FL 33040.