August 2020 Fishing Report

August 2020 Fishing Report

Dog wearing sunglasses trying to stay cool in the summer heat

Captain Moe and his crew are back for another exciting fishing report! And as we get back into it, we are deep within the “dog days of summer,” some of the hottest days of the year. Though, as the temperatures in August heat up, so does the fishing off the coast! And with a few light showers of rain coming in to break up the heat now and again, there’s some excellent fishing to be had while you’re in Key West.

Rolling Through the Backcountry

If there’s one area where the fish don’t stop biting, it’s the backcountry during August. And this year is no exception. With rains coming and going to help cool down the water, the local species of fish have stayed pretty active. If cruising through these waters, you can expect plenty of Bonefish, Jacks, Yellowtails, Red Groupers and more. And, if you are willing to wake up early enough, you can still catch plenty of Tarpon in the tail end of their migration season.

On the Lookout for Marlin

One of the staples of Key West fishing is the hunt for Blue and White Marlin during the summer months. Reeling in these behemoths is no simple feat, and only the most skilled and patient fishermen are up to the task. However, if you’re ready and willing, Captain Moe can take you to some of the best spots out deep, where you’re going to have the best shot at hooking a Marlin.

Reef and Wreck Fishing is a “Snap”

If you love Snappers as much as we do, then you’re going to love a trip out to the various reefs and wrecks around Key West. Using mostly cut bait, we can pull in loads of Yellowtail Snappers, Mangrove Snappers and Mutton Snappers. Not to mention the other species we catch while near the reefs, including barracuda, mackerel, sharks and more.

Dog wearing sunglasses trying to stay cool in the summer heat

Beat the Heat with a Charter Fishing Trip

There’s nothing better than feeling the sea breeze as you cruise the waters around Key West with Captain Moe and his crew. And for those days where rain breaks up the heat, you couldn’t ask for better fishing conditions. Moreover, Captain Moe knows the best spots to reel in the most fish. With his years of experience and expansive knowledge, you’re in for the best fishing of your life. To learn more about Captain Moe’s Lucky Fleet, call us today at 305-304-8065. We’ll help you schedule your next deep sea, backcountry, or wrecks and reefs fishing trip. Also, we are located at 201 Margaret St, Key West, FL 33040.