September Fishing Report

September Fishing Report

Although autumn begins on September 23, we have the rest of the month to fit in the remainder of our summer fishing. And don’t worry; there’s still PLENTY of fishing to be had, even once fall hits! But, as September is a bit of an “in-between” month for fishing season, activity on the waters has slowed down. Which, for those wishing to book a charter boat, means more fish for you to catch!

Frequenting the Flats

Bonefish caught in the Flats of Key West FLWith fewer boats on the water, September is an excellent time to fish the flats, where the presence of fewer fishers isn’t pressuring the fish. Fish abundant in these areas include Bonefish, Permit and Barracudas. For Bonefish, especially, the combination of tropical storm season and humidity bring them out in mass. Also, Tarpon are still swimming these waters; however, as it’s the end of their migratory season, expect to see less of them than in previous months.

Less Out Deep

While there’s still some good fishing out deep, September is a quieter month for more species this far out. However, if out this way, you can always pull in Marlin, Swordfish and Wahoo. Mahi Mahi is one of the exceptions to less fish out deep, where they are still biting with ferocity. So, if you want to make Dolphin more of your focus, September deep sea fishing is a great way to do it.

A Red Grouper caught off the coast of Key West FLGrab Some Grouper

Be sure to head out by the reefs and wrecks, because Grouper season is open! Actually, Grouper season has been open a while, but September marks an active time for these monster fish. Red Grouper is an especially popular catch among anglers. And while you’re in the reefs and wrecks, be sure to attempt catching Snappers, Jacks, Sharks and Kingfish.

Enjoy a Day in the Backcountry

During the downtime, September is a great month to take it easy and do some casual fishing in the backcountry of Key West. In these waters, it’s easy to pull in tons of Snapper, Mackerel, Trout, Snook and more! Early morning and evening fishing offer cooler temperatures, where more species emerge after the heat of the day.

Get the Best Guide Around

Fishing Key, WestJust because everyone else is taking it easy on fishing this month doesn’t mean you should too! Take advantage of the calmer waters and cooling temperatures by finding a guide to bring you to the best fishing spots. And for a guide you can count on, look no further than Captain Moe and his Lucky Fleet.

Captain Moe has been fishing the waters of Key West for years. He knows every hiding spot and can assist you with your next great catch. With experience and dedication, Captain Moe’s Lucky Fleet offers a unique fishing experience that can’t be matched anywhere else.

When you’re ready to schedule your next charter boat trip for deep sea, backcountry, flats fishing and more, call Captain Moe today! You can contact us at 305-304-8065. Also, we are located at 201 Margaret St, Key West, FL 33040.