Why Go Fishing in Key West?

Why Go Fishing in Key West?

Whether done professionally, as a hobby or in competition, individuals around the world spend their days fishing. Freshwater, saltwater, river fishing and more, there is a powerful love for fishing anywhere you go. So, what exactly makes Key West FL one of the most popular fishing spots? Celebrities, presidents, and regular folks all around come to the Keys for its extraordinary fishing. And after you’ve experienced the fishing here for yourself, you may understand the appeal.

A Variety in Fishing Spots

The Florida Keys is a unique location, in that it offers tons of different areas where an abundance of fish can be found. The curve of the keys is known as the backcountry, where waters stay calm and pristine when casting a line in. Off the backcountry, you have the flats, which offer shallower waters, where patience and stealth are key. Further out, off the coast there are plenty of wrecks and reefs, teeming with activity and life. And finally, for those who like to chase big game, deep sea fishing offers a unique set of challenges for seasoned fishers.

No Change of Seasons

Another advantage to fishing in Key West is the seasons; or rather, the lack thereof. Being located off the coast of Florida, and so close to the equator, Key West and the rest of the Keys have no significant shifts in temperature from season to season. Instead, the air and water temperature cool down slightly during fall and winter, and the temperature rises back up in spring and summer. Although these temperature shifts aren’t much, it’s enough to change up the frequency of various species of fish from month to month.

Fishing poles catching fish off the coast of Key West Florida

TONS of Fish

Speaking of species of fish, there is an incredible amount off the coast of Key West. Depending on where you go, the fish biting may slightly change. For example, you have a better chance of catching Tarpon in the flats, and Sailfish are more likely found while deep-sea fishing. Other species of fish you can catch include:

Guided Trips

If thinking about popping over to Key West to try your hand at fishing, you aren’t alone! As one of the top fishing spots off the U.S. (and in the world), it stays busy near year-round. However, due to its popularity, there are plenty of fishing guides in the Keys that are happy to help you pull in the “big ones.” And no one is more experienced a fishing guide than Captain Moe and his Lucky Fleet.

Captain Moe has sailed the oceans of the world and fished in near any body of water you can think of. After a long and exciting life on the sea, Moe decided to settle down in Key West and lend his experience to the locals and tourists of the area. By booking a charter boat trip with Captain Moe’s Lucky Fleet, you can bet you’re going to have some of the best fishing of your life.

To reserve your next fishing trip, contact Captain Moe at 305-304-8065. Also we are located at 201 Margaret St, Key West, FL 33040.