Spring Fishing Forecast

Spring Fishing Forecast

As springtime rolls into full force, what Key West calls the color change, or the gulf stream, moves in close to the reefs edge. Every year this brings lots of bait, so naturally, with the bait, it brings the fish! This includes Sailfish, Blackfin Tuna, Mahi Mahi, and Wahoo, just to name a few. These fish spend their days traveling along the color change, eating lots of bait. This gives us the opportunity to catch these Pelagic Species and have some of the best days of fishing in Key West. Keep in mind, due to conservation and depleted resources, we release all Billfish. This includes Sailfish, White Marlin, Blue Marlin, and Spearfish.

Catch a Trophy

We target Sailfish this time of year using several different techniques. The most traditional way is to use live goggle-eyes and the red herring set up behind the boat. Then you drift, dream and wait for the fish to come to you. On the other hand, we can simply troll the dead ballyhoos and cover more ground. This technique depends on the conditions of the day.

Due to the fact that these are true trophy fish, we work directly with Gray Taxidermy to provide you with a beautiful release Mount.      

Silver King of the Ring

This time of year also brings into the Harbor the mighty Tarpon, aka the Silver tarponKing. This the kind of Key West fishing we take great pride in because we have been catching this trophy fish for the last 16 years. We use a technique that has been perfected since the Tarpon was first caught.

Only traveling maybe 10 minutes to the Tarpon fishing grounds, we set up on the fish and chum using shrimp boat trash, or what we call bycatch, and teach them how to eat and then feed them a hook. What excitement when 130 LBS of fish jump 3 or 4 times completely out of the water while you’re hanging on to the rod! Every fight is different, and each fish can bring you to your knees. Our Fleet has two boats that are equipped to catch, fight and release the Tarpon using the best equipment and methods to ensure a great day of Key West fishing.

Catch a Meal

Snapper Most anglers, after catching trophy fish all day, like to catch something they can take over to our local restaurant near our fleet, Dante’s, for their Hook and Cook. This is why we like to spend some of our trips catching the local favorite, Snapper fish. This comes in 4 different species, which are:

  • The Mutton snapper, most likely the largest of the snappers
  • The Mangrove snapper, my favorite
  • Yellowtail snapper, the most commercially caught
  • And finally, the Lane snapper, which hangs out around the wrecks.

These fish are delicious and are caught from inshore to offshore and anywhere in-between. They truly make your Key West fishing experience complete.

Catch a Fight

One final fish that is caught during the spring time run is the largest fish that you are likely to catch in Key West. This, of course, would be the mighty Shark. The different kinds that you might encounter are Hammerheads, Tiger sharks, Blacktips, American Sharpnose, Caribbean Reefs and the fun loving Nurse shark. Very exciting fish to catch, so don’t hesitate to talk to your captain and arrange for some great Shark fishing in Key West.  

Key West Fishing a Call Away

Key West Fishing
If you are looking for a smaller boat that’s perfect for catching the fish in our spring fishing forecast, then the well-trained expert crew at Captain Moe’s Lucky Fleet is here to take you out! We have the best fishing charters in Key West to choose from. Call Captain Moe’s today at 305-304-8065 or contact us online to begin your spring adventure!